Wednesday, 24 October 2012

New Hobby

Posted by Amalia Nazir at 20:46
Before this, if you ask me what is my hobby, i will say "sleeping ya ?" yea.. but now dah tukar dah !
I will try to play and learn about skateboard.. nk jadi skatter :D Aqil said, for the girl, just like me, agak susah untuk main skateboard ! emm betul juga.. but tak salahkan if kita nak cuba :)

Drawing ? so yeah, so far not so good.. okay okay la.. i got inspiration from my le'friends, Putri Medina.. she's inspired me for many things.. salah satunya drawing ! she's good in drawing haha tak macam i.. i'm kaku. but i'll try insyaallah !

Zombies game ? hell yea ! nowdays can't live without zombies game.. and the leader of it is yuni sara and muzaaradi .. she n his is the boss of the game that i know !

Reading ? yes ! ofcourse. inspiration from my mum. she love reading... and got many motivation from the book that she baca, and she know all new receipe, even italian punya makanan pun. HAHA i have to read a lot about receipe book ! must !

Eating ? You can take my harry potter cd's but you can't take my food !! haha i'm addicted with food nowdays . duhh. hahaha so yea.. that's why i dah macam chubby chubby sikit ! hey whatever lah ! asalkan i kenyanng ! joy !

wish my luck :) assalamualikum..


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